Installation instructions for Windows


Run the installer mgltools2_win32_1.1_Setup.exe



-       the installer extends the PATH environment variable thus MGLTools2 programs including agfr, adfr, about, and pmv can be called from a DOS command shell.

-       if instructed to do so, the installer will install desktop icons for the Pmv and AGFRgui applications

-       the installer will create an uninstall program that should be used to remove the software from your computer


1 – Welcome Screen

2 – Destination selection


By defaults MGLTools2 will install in C:\Program Files\MGLTools2-1.1. This location can be changed using the browse button.

3 – File copying panel

4 – Installation Type

While most of our software components within MGLTools2 are distributed under the LGPL 2.1 Open Source license, MSMS/MSLIB is closed source and requires a license for use in a commercial setting. If you are a commercial entity select ‘commercial install’. This will disable the MSMS/MSLIB component. After getting a license key this component can be enable from the Help menu of the Pmv application thus enabling the calculation of MSMS-based molecular surfaces

5 – Completion panel