Installation instructions for MacOS X


If you are re-installing MGLTools2 v1.1 exit the PMV2 and AGFR apps first


Double click on installer MGLTools-1.1-MacOS-X-Install.dmg

Double click on the installer MGLTools2-1.1-MacOS-X-Install



-       installing on MacOS requires administrative privileges

-       after installing you might want to add /Users/Shared/MGLTools2/1.1/bin to the PATH environment variable so that MGLTools2 programs including agfr, adfr, about, and pmv2 can be called from a Unix shell.

o   bash:   export PATH=${PATH}:/Users/Shared/MGLTools2/1.1/bin

o   csh:      setenv PATH ${PATH}:/Users/Shared/MGLTools2/1.1/bin

-       the installer will install 2 Apps in /Applications/MGLTools2


-       the installer will create an uninstall program in /Users/Shared/MGLTools2/1.1/ that should be used to remove the software from your computer


If your preference does not allow to install applications from unidentified developers please change the security settings in the System Preferences É _. Security $ Privacy panel. Change ÒAllow apps downloaded from:Ó to ÒAnywhereÓ and restart the installer

1 - select Open to install

2 - the installation is always performed in the /Applications and /Users/Shared folders. The /Applications folder requires administrative privileges. This panel is asking for a user name and corresponding password of a user with administrative privileges. If you are a sudoer, put your user id and password, else use user ID ÒadminÓ and the admin password.


3 Ð Welcome Screen

4 Ð File copying panel


5 Ð Installation Type

While most of our software components within MGLTools2 are distributed under the LGPL 2.1 Open Source license, MSMS/MSLIB is closed source and requires a license for use in a commercial setting. If you are a commercial entity, select Ôcommercial installÕ. This will disable the MSMS/MSLIB component. After getting a license key this component can be enable from the Help menu of the Pmv2 application thus enabling the calculation of MSMS-based molecular surfaces

6 Ð Completion panel