NOTE: this website is getting phased out and we strongly recommend downloading software from our new website and update your bookmarks.

     This web page is the home for a series of software tools pertaining to docking flexible ligands into receptors with selective flexibility


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LICENSE: Th software on this web site is part of the the MGLTools2 software suite, released under the LGPL OpenSource software license.

These tools include:

  • NEWS: (06/06/2016) our paper: "AutoSite: an automated approach for pseudo-ligands prediction – From ligand binding sites identification to predicting key ligand atoms" has been accepted for publication in Bioinformaics.

    AutoDockFR: a docking engine using the AutoDock4 forcefield

  • AutoGridFR: a graphical user interface for setting up docking boxes

  • AutoSite: a ligand binding site detection and characterization program

  • Copyright  Sanner Laboratory and TSRI 2016